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It seems, that in this piece of ladies' wardrobe, initially noted by minimalism, it is impossible to think up anything new. Nevertheless leading world designers manage to surprise us again and again each season . And in this season their passion of retro and barefaced adoration of that period when women were sexy and simultaneously innocent is obviously looked through. The designers first advice - to get very modest, one piece bathing suit which would be pertinent in any Hollywood masterpiece of the middle of the last century. Such bathing suit can be named a suit for a beach or for a trip on the sea because it is rather far from habitual to us mini-bikini.

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Obvious sign of such swimsuits - low bottom line, like on swimsuits of fiftieth years. Such silhouette remind mini-shorts, than shorts more likely. It looks very funny and is womanly. And it is still curious, that this summer one of most erotic (by definition) piece of a ladies' wardrobe offers very unexpected forms of expression of sexuality. One of them is brilliant realized in last Dior's collection, where bathing suits (both one piece swimsuits and separate) were made from elastic fitting material of a corporal shade. From apart there is a shocking sensation of absolutely naked body.

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