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About One Piece Bathing Suits

One Piece Swimsuit

An one piece swimsuit is most often a swimsuit, which does not have any differentiations and is very tight to the skin. The women ang girls wear it to the different occasions: when they are going to swim in the sea or in a swimming pool, to sail or to bathe in the sun. If a woman prefers to wear an one piece swimsuit, it is reasonably to suppose that she thinks that this type of a swimsuit is more modest than a two piece bikini or monokini, because an one piece bathing suit is sewn in such a way that it covers the area of the belly, in contrast to the bikinis or monokinis. The women, who want to conceal their bellies after the birth of the children on account of the convexities, stretch marks and wrinkles, have recourse most often to the choice of an one piece bathing suit. But all these troubles does not mean that the women have a reason to be unhappy, because these troubles have a tendency to decrease with the time after some special exercises and a balanced healthy diet. That is why after some time each of us may choose to wear a bikini or monokini.

The most common of an one piece bathing suit is the tank suit or maillot, which bears a resemblance to a bodysuit or leotard without sleeves. At the same time there is another special type of an one piece bathing suit, which is called the pretzel suit. Not long ago the new atletic swimsuits with different shoulder strap styles have appeared, including such as fastback, flyback and racerback styles.


These swimsuits were used in the capacity of the other atletic wear. Another recently new style of an one piece suit is the bodyskin, which only perfunctorily bears a resemblance to a wetsuitor unitard. This type of a suit covers not only the whole torso, but arms and legs as well and it is done in order not show that a person is very modest, but in order to reduce friction through the water for the people, who are professional swimmers.