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About Two Piece Bathing Suits

Two Piece Swimsuit

A two piece bathing suit is a part of clothing, which consists of the two upper and lower parts and is sewn to be worn for swimming, sailing or bathing in the sun. When a two piece bathing suit is properly chosen, it will not only hide the disadvantages, but will emphasize the advantages of the body at the same time. If you choose a two piece bathing suit, you have to take into account the fact that the bright colours on your bathing suit will add the accent to your bust and hips, but the darker colours meanwhile are subtle and will have an effect of a slimmer figure of your body. The prints, which cover your two piece suit, are of the same importance, because the loud prints such as bright horizontal stripes and specks will create an impression upon the people around ypu that your body is wide.

At the same time for the women, who have celluite or want to play volleyball or football on the beach, but do not want to part with their two piece bathing suit, the manufacturers designed the boy shorts or skirted bottoms, which will hide the problematic zones and cover the lower part of the body even by jumping.


Also the manufacturers designed the different types of the bikinis, such as string bikinis, microkinis, tankinis, trinkinis and veilkinis. A string bikini is more pathetic and revealing than a bikini in the traditional meaning of this word. This part of clothing consists of the triangular shaped parts, which are sewn at the groin and two thin stripes, which unite the two parts around the waist. A microkini is an extremely pathetic type of the bikinis, which are able to cover only the genital zone. A tankini, which is sometimes described as "a handkerchief and two small saucers", appeared only in 1967. A pubikini covers the buttocks amd hips, but at the same time it leaves the public region uncovered. A tankini consisits of atunic with the long sleeves and a hood at the same time and a pair of the pants, which is created for the Islamic women.