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Caffe Swimsuits

Caffe swimwear has brought the swimsuit to the heights of high fashion. The stylishness and chic of swimwear of this world famous brand is chosen by women who wish to glam their beach wear. The Caffe swimwear designer Paula Saavedrea was born in Columbia. Her Latin American roots had a great influence on her desire to devote herself to fashion. First the future designer worked in the field of advertising. However soon she understood that her only vocation was fashion. Her first line of swimwear included small Columbian woman bathing suits and beach wear. In several years her swimwear line developed into Caffe brand which began to enjoy wide popularity world-wide. It is noteworthy that each bathing suit is distinguished by the use of fine materials that are embellished by hand. The luxury design of each swimwear suit makes the whole Caffe collection unique. The luxurious and dainty nature of Caffe swimwear is able to enrapture absolutely each woman. When creating her consummate collections, Paula Saavedrea uses the following belief as basis: many women just like her feel confidence and self-attractiveness when their beach wear is comfortable.

Caffe swimwear is the combination of Columbian exotica and European perfection. The soft European prints, exquisite Columbian fabrics, fine embellishment that is made by hand, interesting detailing are the distinguishing features of the brand in question. In addition, any woman can be sure that each bikini will be an excellent and beautiful fit. Caffe's "Laid Back Luxury" fashion trend makes each swimwear model a unique and special one. Giving preference to the use of panache and glamour, the designer gives a swimsuit high-end style, stylishness, elegance and undoubtedly fascination. Caffe swimwear can be worn practically anywhere. Either it's a tropical adventure, pastime at the poll side or on the beach at the seaside. Caffe's bathing suits are staggering and at the same time smart: they know what is to be hidden and what not.