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Strapless Swimsuits


Currently, the strapless swimsuits or bandeau top bikinis have gained wide popularity. The world famous swimwear brands such as Unimar and Aquafit include a variety of two-piece swimsuits with strapless tops. These bathing suits do not have cups or underwires. There are only small upright underwires, that support the top of a bathing suit on each side and thus keeping it tight. The swimwear strapless style has come back from 1970's. It should be mentioned that strapless bathing suits represent a fashionable trend this year.
Many models of Unimar bandeau top bikinis are double-sided. Such innovative decision is an indispensible attribute of each collection. There are several ways of wearing of a double-sided bandeau top bikini. The first and the second options of its wearing are traditional. You can put the bandeau top on either one side or the other one. The third option of wearing presupposes different colors of the top and bottom of a swimsuit. Such decision was very topical in summer 2009. By the way, a range of models from Unimar top line 2010 initially have top and bottoms of different colors. Unimar designers offer another interesting decision for strapless tops. You can turn over the top only on one side. In the issue you get a "domino" model of a bathing suit with two-colored top.

Aquafit youth swimwear line offers another idea for strapless swimwear. A bathing suit set is supplemented with small strings. They are used to gather the middle of the top and thus creating a new model of a swimsuit that is good for better sun tan. Strapless bathing suits create a stylish, fashionable and new look. It is a sure sign that you follow the latest fashion.