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Woman Swimsuits Brands

Woman Swimsuits Brands

Nicole Oliver - this brand appeared about 40 years ago at the world market. The designers of this brand worked out their own conception: the approach to the swimsuits manufacture should resemble the manufacture of clothes. The designers of Nicole Oliver put original and colored bathing suits in the forefront which enable a woman not only to swim and lie in the sun. This brand guarantees that any woman will look beautifully wearing swimsuits by Nicole Oliver. Besides the swimsuits patterns are supplemented with admirable accessories. This approach accentuates the individuality of any woman.

Diva - this brand especially enjoys wide popularity by women who are carried away by romantic motifs. The history of this Israeli brand begins in the 1940's. The designer was influenced by the romantic period that is why all the patterns are characterized by femininity and pale warm colors. The color palette includes colors from white and sky blue to red and orange of exotic tones. The swimsuits are distinguished by gold ornamental patterns, animal motifs, bunches of beautiful lilies and orchids. Single-color fabrics (microfiber) are decorated with gold accessories, brooches and Swarovsky Strass. All the fabrics are made in Italy exclusively for the famous brand Diva.

Aubade- this is a leading French brand. It is worth mentioning that it is a high level brand that has been launching lingerie for more than 30 years. In 2001 the designers launched the very first product line of bathing suits. The collection was a great success. As of today this collections is one of the most stylish in the world market. The basic advantages of this brand are the bra cup which forms and corrects the shape of the breast and swimming trunks which help to accentuate one's individuality.

Lea Gotlieb - this brand can be considered a unique one because all the patterns of swimming suits are embroidered with natural stones, corals and glass beads. Fabrics which are made in Italy are created according to the outlines of madam Gottlieb. The desingners of this brand offer nice accessories made of natural fabrics.

Silvean Imberg - the bathing suits Silvean Imberg combine modern fabrics, original patterns which include exotic motifs and harmonization. The Israeli brand lays emphasis on elegance, refinement and passion for innovation.