Woman Swimsuit Models
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Women Swimsuits Types

Women Swimsuits Types

The evolutionary path of swimsuits development underwent great changes. For instance, in Victorian times according to the norms of decency women could allow themselves wearing swim dresses which covered their whole bodies. At present time there is a wide selection of multifarious fabrics, colors and styles of bathing suits and beach wear, which are singularly unlike each other. It makes no difference whether you are a devotee of classical style or capricious fashion-conscious woman it is for sure that you will find a swimsuit to your liking. There are two types of bathing suits: one-piece and two-piece swimsuits.

One-piece swimsuits include: maillot, bandeau swimsuits, hulter swimsuit, tankini, swim-dress, monokini, plunge and high neck. Bandeau represents a strapless swimsuit. This type of swimsuit shortens the upper part of the body and counterpoises round hips. Maillot is a one-piece swimsuit which has two shoulder-straps. Women with different bodily constitutions still give preference to this type of swimsuit because it looks very nice. The straps can be of different thickness. Plunge is a swimsuit that has deep low v-neck in the front and back from. Women who want visually make the waist longer give preference to such bathing suits. In addition plunge swimsuit can increase the breast size by sight. Halter swimsuit is a one piece bathing suit whose straps are tied around the back of the neck. When wearing halter swimsuit the breasts seem to be bigger. Round hips are counterpoised by sight.

Tankini is one-piece swimsuit with whole-cut shoulder straps. The straps are thicker than by other types of swimsuits. Tankini has special cups which support and lift the breasts. When wearing this swimsuit a woman seems to be slenderer. Swim dress is a bathing suit which includes a short skirt. It covers belly, butt and upper thighs. It is an ideal variant for those who engage in sport. Women who are in the family way choose swim dress very often. High neck swimsuit is one piece bathing suit. Its cut reaches up till collar bones.

Monokini is a one piece swimsuit; however it resembles a bikini swimsuit whose top and bottom are connected with a border of fabric. Two-piece swimsuits consist of bra and swimming trunks.

There are four types of two-piece swimsuits: bikini, bandeau, halter and tankini. Bikini- is a swimsuit which has thin shoulder-straps. Women with ideal figures can allow themselves wearing bikini swimsuits because they are very daring. Tankini represents a short tank top with whole cut shoulder straps.

Bandeau swimsuit represents a ribbon which is wrapped around the chest. It is a strapless bathing suit. In addition the larger breasts are minimized visually. Halter two-piece swimsuits have straps that are tied around the back of the neck. Halter supports the breasts very well and what is more shoulders seem to be larger.