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Amazing facts on swimsuits

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In summer of 1946 the bathing suit,named by its inventor "atom" appeared. Such name was given because it was inadmissible small to measures of that time - shorts reached the waistline and closed navel, and the bra lagged behind shorts on the whole 10 sm!

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The well-known bikinis. It, certainly, was a nightmare. The Americans described bikini so: " the two piece bathing suit which tells everything about the woman, except for a maiden name of its mother ". It has passed almost 20 years, before bikini became the last word in fashion.

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The most unsuccessful in history bathing suit. In 1949 designers offered a bathing suit with pasted top which consisted of two cones trimmed by frills or laces. Alas! - it was found out, that it is sufficiently to plunge once into water and cones fall off.

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The most scandalous bathing suit. In 1964 American Rudi Gernrajh has offered the first bikini without top " topless bikini ". It consisted of shorts which began from the top part of the hip and went up to the waist by two thin braces. For this invention Gernrajh have been put for three months into prison as the malicious disturber of public calmness. By the way, in 20th years the American police had to measure the length of the bathing suits on beaches and at a deviation from "norm" to fine the disturbers.

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