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Exotic Swimsuits:

Nowadays modern designers have been working on the creation of exotic swimwear. It should be noted that the term "exotic" is associated with something unusual and intriguing. People who like to test new ideas and do not afraid of novelties and sensory acuity often give preference namely to these bathing suits. This type of swimwear may embody exotic motifs and coloration or it may have specific low necks and cut-outs. The exotic swimwear includes Brazilian bikinis and micros. The patterns of mini bikini reflect newest and up-to-date tendencies of minimalism in beach fashion. The Brazilian bikini in its turn has gained wide popularity in South America where sun tanning has become a routine matter. These bathing suits represent a cut down version of the string bikini, which screen about fifty percent less of the body. Brazilian and micro bikini are two piece bathing suits, however there one piece swimsuits that can also be exotic and very sexy. In order to make a one piece swimsuit an exotic one, designers use as little fabric as possible. Such bathing suits have daring cut-outs that are applied to necklines, thong bottoms and top of the hips. This modern approach makes a woman look very sexy, original and even audacious.

It is noteworthy that exotic swimwear means not only daring cut-outs. It presupposes also the diversity of fabrics used for creation of an exotic swimsuit. For instance, animal prints which include leopard, zebra, tiger prints are very exciting patterns. The given fabrics remind of tropical and jungle wildlife. There are also bathing suits that are made of material known as sheers. On the one part a sheer material does not differ from others swimsuit materials, however it is lighter and it is transpierced by thousands of pin point holes. One can not notice the holes in case if a woman wears such a bathing suit. In addition the given material allows the skin beneath the bathing suit to tan.

Most celebrities prefer to sit to camera in beautiful and sometimes very daring swimsuits. For instance, Christi Brinkley appeared before cameras wearing very unusual swimwear, such as maillot tanga which included a tiny triangle at the top. At that time this was a real breakthrough. Heidi Klum is a German model, who also takes part in photo calls presenting beautiful and sexy patterns of swimwear. In 1998 the model appeared on the front cover of "Sports illustrated" wearing a modest-but-sexy swimwear, which accentuated her beautiful body. A very famous Czech model Pauline Porizkova once amazed a great number of men thanks to a shot where she models a bathing suit made of small seashells. The beautiful and unusual swimsuit contrasts wonderfully with Paulina Porizkova's perfect body. Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore and many other celebrities do not miss the opportunity to sit to cameras wearing beautiful and exotic swimwear. On the basis of above said it is obvious that exotic swimwear represents an opportunity to introduce intriguing elements into a woman's image.

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