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The Swimsuits History

The history holds back what kind of bathing suits ours prehistoric ancestors carried and whether they carried any swimsuits. By pictures of Renaissance, "protorype" of the first bikini became the fig leaf. Botichelli's Aphrodite, for example, had to leave water, being covered only with hands and long ringlets.

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However, the Golden Age wasn't very long, and nude medieval nymphs and naiads have given up the place to prudish beauties in crinolines with the collars clasped tightly. In 18 century only common people swam naked. The ladies' etiquette ordered to make water exercises in spacious dressing gownes with long magnificent sleeves. Baggy dressing gownes lifted up and ridiculously puffed up in water and when ladies left on coast, bathing dresses stuck round their figures,making them looks like being absolutely nude. True gentlemen couldn't suffer similar mockery at morals, and ladies because of such juicy "detail" preferred separate beaches or special bathing machines on wheels which could be imported directly in water together with bather.

The bathing suit as an independent element of a wardrobe has appeared only two centuries later, in the beginning of XX century. And it is possible to consider the creator of the first bathing suit australian Annette Kellerman, which in 1907 sewed a scenic suit on the basis of man's body stockings. The suit was destined for the water vaudeville " The Diving Venus ", which have become, by the way,a prototypethe of modern synchronous swimming.

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Kellerman's suit has shaken the public, and it owner has been recognized... disturber of public morals. The observance of rules of behaviour on a beach was uniform for everything, and that rules ordered to ladies to close not only their trunk, but also all other parts of body, including hands, legs and neck. The progressive swimmer has found a way out, having sewn to her bathing suit sleeve, stockings and a collar.

However, the beach fashion move ahead, and soon appeared a new variant of bathing suit: cowards for rowing, made-to-order for one English sportsman. Cowards reminded modern swimming trunks, but when being wet they weighed almost five Kg because they have been made from wool.

The concern Dupont invention in 1959 year of elastic fibre, named "spandex" has brought to swimmers in literal and figurative sense significant simplification. The weight of a bathing suit has decreased, and it abutment to body has increased. So in beach fashionthere has come the new Golden Age.

In the beginning of 60 th years of the last century the women already sported elegant bathing short shorts and brassieres, but they have to show the beach fashion mostly near own pools. The Europe was not ready yet to really revolutionary invention of the American of French origin -Louis Rerar- known ourdays as "bikini". The question in favour of maximal "naked body" on the beach has been solved only in 1964, when SportsIllustrated magazine placed on the cover model Babette March in snow-white bikini. In the film " And the god has created the woman " in the same bikini defiled incomparable Bridgit Bordeaux. Then was RachelWells in " One million years B.C. " and Ursula Anders in " the Doctor But "... And the Europe has surrendered: already in the end of 60-s well-known mini-bikinis became hits in Saint-Tropes and Nizza.

The subsequent development of a beach fashion became less fascinating and more frank: only the forms of shorts and bras varied. Already in 70 appeared so called dental-floss, with a tiny triangle in front and a thin tape behind.

Modern models of bathing suits are so various, that it is impossible now to imagine, how could the world did without such wonderful invention so long. In fact the bathing suit it not simply pleasant opportunity to luxuriate on the beach and to swim in the tender sea. It also an opportunity to underline your personality. So, preparing to go on the south, do not forget to take your favourite "visiting card". It will be very much useful to you...

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