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The most sexual menswear: the women's version

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Misunderstanding in relations between men and women occurs sometimes because one simply do not know how to improve her(his)outlook in order to impress the other half of the mankind. Sometimes the young men think, that this or that image projected by them should act trouble-free on girls. But the girls often don't apreciate their efforts, and instead of admiration they even chuckle. The New York Post has decided to help men-readers and lead an interrogation among the women-readers in order to find out, what they would consider pleasant and what would consider inadmisible in the man's outlook.

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The women opinion in that what concerns the men's underwear was fifty-fifty . About 48 % have declared that they like "usual" man's cowards and 46 % have told that they prefer to see the satellite in "boxers", also named "family" cowards. The man's beach accessories, like swimming long shorts are prefered by the 56 % of women. On the second place-36 %-short-trunks, and only 26 % recognized that they like sport men's bikini.

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It was found out, that 42 % of the interrogated women like smoothly shaved men. 31 % of women-readers of the newspaper recognized, that they prefer a kind " evening unshaven chin", that is so-called " a five-hour shadow " on their boy-friends. But nobody of the research participants has told that stays in delight from a beard. " Bearded men are similar to amusing animals ", - consider women-readers of the newspaper.

The representatives of the fine half of mankind have expressed very categorically about the man's breast. So, 68 % Americans-women consider, that it should be covered by hair, however 40 % from them have expressed opinion, that it would be quite good "to be more thin, but only slightly." Effeminate boys, smooth as frogs ", - brings the New York Post words of one of readers- have awfully bothered represented in all fashionable magazines." Confirming to this only 22 % interrogated women have told, that they like men, whithout hair on their breast.

Absolutely unambiguously the women have declared that "the bunches of the wool " should not look out the collar of the shirt. By the opinion of 55 % of women on the top part of the breast it is necessary to delete "superfluous" hair. And 35 % believe, that it is necessary to do it with the hair which have grown on the back. " It is not very painfully to make epilation with wax," - one of the participants of the interrogation considers.

It is also important, in what will be dressed a man, who whants to impress a woman. The 58 % have declared, that there is no more sexually and attractive man's order, than jeans and a T-shirt. The 19 % of the interrogation participants consider the shirt and shorts as the complete real man's set, and 17 % have declared, that they are delighted at the man in the suit and tie. As for leather trousers, they look best on rock-stars, believe the Americans.