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"Pregnant" Swimsuit

Swimming is one of the most pleasant, safe and healthy kinds of sports for pregnant women. Owing to swimming it is possible not only to keep the good physical form during nine months of expectation, but also to be prepared for forthcoming childbirth, and to restore the weight after.

Water exercises are extremely useful to the parent organism and the child. Last years many fitness-centers offer aqua-programs for pregnant women.

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During water exercises the muscles become stronger, cardiovascular and respiratory systems train, blood circulation is stabilized, the emotional tone and the sleep improves, appetite is normalized. Owing to pushing out effect of water the body feels easier, the joints, the backbone and the muscles relax, being released from loading. To lap in water is very pleasantly and gives a lot of positive emotions.

And what it is the most necessary in pool and on the sea? Certainly, a bathing suit! What for? " I shall buy a usual bathing suit of the big size ", - you will tell. But in fact future mum has a feature - a growing tummy to which needs a considerable place in the bathing suit! There few women whose total amounts of the body increase during pregnancy. That is why in a "not pregnant" bathing suit, even the big size, the future mum will feel discomfort. For the gentle breast of the pregnant woman the bathing suits must be smooth and tender.

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Bathing suits for pregnant women differ by their special cut coresponding to the specific changes of the female physiology.

Shoulder-straps are usually soft, adjustable as mammary glands of the pregnant woman increase, being prepared for forthcoming lactation.

Today the bikini for pregnant women are also popular. The complete set includes a separate bodice and specially designed shorts under the tummy. Such bathing suits have a little secret: you can get in addition usual shorts and then the expensive, beautiful and qualitative bathing suit will serve you after birthchild. By the way, many bathing suits for pregnant women can be used during feeding with breast.

Summer always it would be desirable bright emotions and pleasant sensations, therefore especially please colourful coloring and the variety of models. There are o lot of variants: the separate bathing suit on thin shoulder straps with deep neck-cut; the shorts and the bodice-top with tunic, covering the tummy; the bathing suit with shorts with laces, allowing to regulate the tension on the tummy; an one-piece swimsuit with the beautiful pattern; sports model.