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Choose your perfect swimsuit

swimuit recomandations If you have narrow shoulders, the light top from a bathing suit with widely placed straps is the best recommended for you. The short neck visually will be extended by the swimsuit without shoulder-straps and V-neck.

If you have wide shoulders choose a swimsuit with top of dark tones and wide shoulder-straps. Exclude on swimsuit's top various details and accessories, they will accentuate your shoulders.

swimsuit recommandations
swimsuit recomandations

If your breast is too small, choose swimsuit top with a lot of frills, laces; necessarily with condensed cups. A bathing suit without shoulder-straps will be perfect for you.

If you have big breast, choose swimsuit's top of dark tones and cups necessarily on support . Do not carry a bathing suit without shoulder-straps, because it visually makes your top to look heavier . The V-neck is the best choice for you.

swimsuit recomandations
swimsuit recomandations

If you have wide hips, the cuts on swimming trunks must be of average height. Avoid bright and light colors, frills, laces, they give to your hips additional volume. For you the bathing suit with bright top and a dark matte bottom will be ideal.